Chicago Brand tools now available from Screwfix.

5 years ago when we brought our first sets of open end ratchet spanners in from America the dream was to make them available from the UK’s largest tool retailer – Screwfix. In my naivety I thought this was going to be a walk in the park, after all why wouldn’t Screwfix want to take such an awesome and innovative new product. After several phone calls and emails pestering them it soon became apparent that it would be harder and take much longer than originally anticipated.

We left them alone for a while whilst building our product range from one product to a portfolio of over 30 innovative hand tools and eventually the door opened wide enough for us to get a foot in and progress with the supply of Chicago Brand products. With the help of Philex Electronic (suppliers of over 10 million units of products per year to some of the UK’s largest retailers) we are very proud and extremely excited to say that Chicago Brand hand tools are now available to order from Screwfix. In total 29 of our incredible tools made the cut, this includes Chicago Brand open end ratchet spanners, Ratchetech flex head open end ratchet spanners, Chicago Brand bolt extractor sets, almost the full range of Spring Tools, the Veloci Drive 3X ratchet and the award winning Bionic Tools by Loggerhead.

As a small family run business supplying Screwfix is a big deal and we look forward to providing them with excellent service, innovative time saving tools and to growing with them throughout 2018 and beyond. You can view our range of tools available from Screwfix here.

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