Chicago Brand – Supplier to the MoD  – NCAGE: U1AQ4

Now available to order or request an ITT – Chicago Brand innovative hand tools. REME and other military users of hand tools will instantly benefit from the huge advantages our flex head open end ratchet spanners and damaged fastener removal socket sets. All our tools have NSNs and guarantee to increase your productivity, especially useful in time sensitive situations.

Ratchetech flex head open end ratchet spanners. (NSNs included on a range of Ratchetech spanners by Chicago Brand)

Some jobs are bigger than others. Whether its a 10mm or 125mm nut, we have a spanner for the job. Some variants of the spanner are full steel for those jobs where maximum torque is required and the added ratcheting functionality can save a lot of heavy lifting in the field. We can supply Ratchetech open end ratchet spanners in the following wide range of sizes:

10mm – 70mm in 1mm increments

10mm – 25mm with flex head, anything above 25mm is fixed head for added strength

Above 75mm can be made with steel or aluminium handle up to 125mm

3/8” – 3” in 1/16” increments, anything above 1” is fixed head for added strength

Above 3” can be made with steel or aluminium handle up to 5”


Chicago Brand rounded bolt removal socket sets (NSNs included on metric & imperial sets)

This is a brand new revolutionary socket set that uses cutting edge technology to easily and quickly remove rounded / damaged fasteners in confined spaces up to 100% round. Applications where users will benefit, work faster and easier:

  1. REME mechanics
  2. REME engineers
  3. Aerospace applications including helicopters
  4. Dismantling of machines, vehicles, weapons, structural pieces
  5. Removal of damaged nuts & bolts on older vehicles
  6. Removal of rusted fasteners on marine / water based vehicles
  7. Removal of damaged / rounded nuts & bolts on light vehicles, smaller trucks, motorbikes and trailers.