Now that’s what I call a spanner!

We are very excited to introduce the worlds largest open end ratchet spanners available in both metric & imperial sizes. A full range from 10mm-70mm and 3/8″-2 15/16″ will soon be available and will of course be covered by a lifetime warranty.

The new sizes will open up the opportunity for users requiring large size open end ratchet spanners to work faster than ever before and increase productivity as a result. We can now focus on bringing these innovative new tools to the hydraulic, wind turbine, HGV, utilities and plant machinery industries.

For more information on the sizes available please contact a member of the team on 01274 660332 or email

MD Nick Gregson with the huge Ratchetech open end ratchet spanner

10mm and 2 9/16″ Ratchetech open end ratchet spanners

10mm – 2 9/16″ Ratchetech open end ratchet spanners

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