Open end ratchet spanner tips & uses

Here you will find useful tips and uses for how Chicago Brand open end ratchet spanners will save you time and effort on your toughest jobs. Keep checking back for continual updates and please feel free to add your own top tips and uses. The “top tip” of the month will win a prize.

Yacht rig tensioners, turnbuckles and bottle screws. Perfect for marine maintenance as the spanners are made from stainless steel.                                            Open end ratchet spanner on rig


Unistrut, cable trays and threaded rods. You can save huge amounts of time using a Chicago Brand open end ratchet spanner over a regular fixed head spanner, ideal for when a ring ratchet cannot be used.

You will find hundreds of uses for a Chicago Brand open end ratchet spanner when working on a modern or classic car. Brake pipes in particular, awkward manifold bolts, coolant pipes and many other uses.    brake pipe 11mm

engine bay

Classic cars need lots of love and attention, our imperial open end ratchet spanners are perfect for keeping classics going, especially when working in awkward confined spaces.


Motorbikes and bicycles, we have had many motorbike mechanics use our open end ratchet spanners with only positive responses due to the compact layout of bike engines. Chicago Brand spanners are also great for building and maintaining bicycles, I recently built my daughters first bike and if I had used a regular spanner I’d still be building it now.

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